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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Beaumont! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Beaumont, TX. Our hardworking team of telephone staff and animal control technicians are passionate about delivering great service, and this is one of the key reasons we have consistently achieved 5-star reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. From your first call to us we always treat you with respect and as we would wish to be dealt with, and our friendly agents will listen to your situation carefully. They can tell you the kind of actions that our technicians would normally take, and can give you a rough estimate of the cost, as well as offering practical advice on what you can do yourself. Highly trained technicians are on hand to visit your property, usually within 24 hours, and they will thoroughly examine the property to find the most effective solution to your animal problem. We specialize in all manner of wildlife, but have great experience at removing bat colonies, and our methods are perfectly humane and get rid of all of the bats without harming a single animal. We also know of the concerns that bat droppings can cause with the potential for disease, so we can also fully decontaminate the attic so you and your family are safe. Call us now at 409-489-4959 for your Beaumont wildlife control needs.

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Do You Have Animals Chewing On Your Texas Water Pipes? Steps to Take NOW to Stop Them!

Perhaps one of the most common issues that we encounter while providing our service to Beaumont homeowners with rodent infestation would be the water damages caused by the damaged pipes. Metal pipes would be highly resistant to the chewing of the rodents. For those who have plastic pipes, there are some things that you can do to deter the chewing habit of the rodents and prevent the water damages.

Rodents and Damages on Water Pipes

The combination of plastic water pipes and Texas rodent is a disaster that is bound to happen. Discovering that you have a rodent infestation in your house can be frustrating. They can carry parasites, diseases and they can also bite. They can also create an unsafe place by defecating and urinating on various areas of your house. Their teeth are also strong that it can pierce through plastic water pipes and may cause leaking.

Types of Damages That You Can Acquire

There are different damages that you may experience from a chewed water pipe. Here are some of them.

  • Mold Growth-A high level of moisture can encourage the growth of mold and mildew which is detrimental to the health of the Texas homeowner.
  • Water Damages- Water damages can encourage the rotting of the wooden beams that will weaken the foundation of the house.  This will require thousands of cash to repair.
  • Pipe Burst- There are instances that the Beaumont rodents will chew the weak part of the plastic water pipe that will lead to pipe burst. This will cause a substantial level of water-loss.

  • How to Avoid the Damages

    By having some preventative measures, you will be able to avoid the expensive repairs that are associated with the damages caused by these rodents.

  • Give Them an Accessible Water Source- While you are waiting for the Texas wildlife removal expert to come, you might want to provide these rodents with an accessible water source that will prevent them from chewing the water pipes. This should only be used as a temporary solution and you must find a method to eliminate them from your property.
  • Trapping- Since we are talking about your water pipes, it is recommended to use traps rather than toxic chemical weapon. You don’t want to contaminate your water source by using poison.
  • Seal their Access Hole- To prevent them from gnawing on your plastic water pipes, you need to seal their entry points using wire mesh or hardware cloth. The mice can enter a very insignificant hole. Be certain that you will seal them all.

  • In case you are experiencing water damages due to the Beaumont rodent infestation, it is essential to address your problem at once. You should have the assistance of a specialist who will guide you along the way. Make sure that you will hire the technician who helped a lot of homeowners in dealing with this type of situation. They should have the means and the capacity to remove the cause of the problem and fix the damages that the rodents have caused.