Effective Ways and Best Tips to Keep Moles Away from Our Beaumont Homes Forever!

There is absolutely nothing worse than preparing your Beaumont yard only to discover that it has been infested with moles. Once you noticed that there are tiny mounds in your garden, this is a clear indication that your property has an unwanted guest. It can be a burrowing creature such as gophers or moles. These holes will not only make your yard look unsightly, they may also damage the root system of your plants and grass.

Natural Ways to Prevent Mole Infestation

Mole infestation can be prevented using simple items that you may purchase in the Texas market such as barriers and natural home remedies. This is the more desirable solution since it does not have the detrimental effects of chemical solutions.

Installing Beaumont Barriers

There are different barriers that you can use to keep the moles at bay. When using an underground fencing, be sure that it would be buried at least 1 foot below the ground. This will discourage the incessant digging habit of the moles. You may also use vegetative barriers that will act as deterrent against moles. Some of the plants that have been proven effective against the moles are marigolds, daffodils, fritillaries, and alliums. Some people will choose to purchase mole plant and castor beans but it will not be the best solution especially if you have pets and kids in your homes.

Natural Home Remedies

While we cannot vouch for the efficacy of repellent, there are some people who reported a decent result when using homemade Texas repellents. In order to concoct this, you will need to mix the castor oil together with dish soap. An equal portion will be mixed in order to develop the perfect repellent. This will then be diluted into the water. If you want a more effective repellent, your dogs and your cats will be the better solution.


The presence of Texas mole predators will be an excellent way to deter the activities of the moles. Hawks and owls are the most common predator of this vermin. There is just too many ways on how you can introduce them to your yard. Some people will spread feathers of owls in their property since their scent can frighten the creature. A better solution will be to add decoys in your property. Unfortunately, this solution will only be a short-term. You will need to use this alongside with the other methods to increase the success.

Finally, if the Beaumont creature has already invaded your property, you should look for a live trap that will enable you to capture them without harming them. Moles may not have a destructive nature but they can still unintentionally cause severe damage to our property. Their persistent digging habit will make our yard unsuitable for different plantations. It is important that you will stay alert on the sign of infestation and eliminate them immediately. In order to completely control the presence of moles, use the combination of methods that we mentioned above in this article.

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